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Vladimir Putin, speaking at the forum "Russia Calling!" Said that Russia knows who struck the humanitarian aid convoy near Aleppo. This was reported by RIA Novosti. According to Putin, it was a terror
TruthVsWar 12.10.2016 0 283

I still remember those difficult days which we Syrians lived through and how we expected only the worst until new hope began to grow in our souls thanks to the Russian intervention in the Syrian war o
TruthVsWar 07.10.2016 0 348

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has been under the virtual control of Israel and its authority limited to the West Bank. It has no control over the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Authority’s nominal presi
TruthVsWar 02.10.2016 0 336

"The US aimed to extend the geographical area of its influence by bombing the strategic bridges in Deir Ezzur and stop the Syrian army's advance in the war against the ISIL," told Fars News today. "Wa
TruthVsWar 02.10.2016 0 344

I am wondering why the association of "don't touch to my son" didn't started their act until his pardon revoke. Why they didn't move from first? If like this, there is no meaning of this association.
Bergag 06.08.2013 0 1175

"Daniel Gate" - the drama continuesIt is rare for the Moroccan people to take to the streets in protest over an action by Morocco's King, Mohammed VI - but the inclusion of Daniel Galvin in the list o
admin 06.08.2013 0 1016