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Browse Blog posts By Day: 12.01.2018

As part of the Fez Gathering of International Artists, the third Slideluck evening was held in the new venue - the Medina Social Club. Slideluck has been held in more than 80 cities around the world.
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The Second day of the 3rd International Artists Gathering dawned cold but sunny. Proceedings got underway after morning coffee and a panel on "Ritual, Practice and Sufism in AfricaThe panel was chaire
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Today is the Amazigh New Year - Happy Yennayer to our readers Morocco does not list Yennayer as an official holiday - but Algeria does.While the majority of Moroccans forget its existence, a sect
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The cold weather in Fez continues and the week ahead looks like more of the same - snow in the mountains and rain on the plains. Temperatures in the Medina will range between lows of around 4 degrees
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